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Friday, April 4, 2008

Nokia 6234 Review

This is a special version of the 6233 for international operator Vodafon.

Class fashion, 3G
Position in the line above Nokia 6233
Rivals Samsung X700


General features
Announced in 2005
eGSM 90018001900, UMTS 2100
Battery type Li-Pol
talk mode up to 3 hours
standby mode up to 250 hours
Colour graphical high-contrast display, up to 262000 colours(TFT), 5 text lines, the resolution of 240x320 pixels (QVGA)
J2ME, executable Java applications (MIDP 2.0)
2-MP, zoom x8, flash
Video up to one hour, the resolution is QCIF
Body color Graphite Grey (other versions are possible)
Weight 100 gramms
Dimensions is specified, the press-release emphasizes the device is slim
Volume 81 cc

Phone book memory for 1000 names, one entry can contain 3 phone numbers and one text field. Dynamically shared memory, which means up to 5 numbers and 4 text fields can be saved if you have less than 1000 contacts. User groups.
Memory for 150 SMS messages and 50 graphical messages (memory is also shared dynamically, the less SMS you store the more graphical messages can be saved)
Calendar memory from 100 up to 250 entries, depends on the length of the entries
Call log of last 10 calls of all types
Expansion slot for microSD cards (up to 2 GB)

Call management, ringing tones
40-tones polyphony, use mp3AAC files as call melodies
Integrated speakerphone
Speed dial for 9 numbers
Automatic redial (up to 10 attempts)
Automatic and manual network selection
Voice dial for 25 numbers, voice commands

Predictive text input ?9
Message templates (up to 10)
Graphical messages (10 pictures are preset)
SMS Chat
Concatenated messages (up to 450 characters)

GPRS (class 10)
EDGE class 10
Bluetooth 2.0 +EDR
Pop port Interface (USB)
USB 2.0 as different from predecessors
Email (POP3IMAP4SMTP), attachments (PDF, ppt, doc, xls, jpeg, 3GPP)
Instant Messaging
Full OMA DRM 1.0

Organizer and extras
FM-radio, Visual Radio
Active Standby menu
Wallet 2.0
Automatic key lock
Changeable screen headbands, adjustable colour scheme
User profiles (5), temporary profile
Time, date
Calculator, currency converter
Stopwatch (up to 20 intermediate values), countdown timer
Organizer with support for events of various kinds (better than predecessors)
Notes (up to 3000 characters in one note)
Games, download games


Featuring a 2-megapixel camera, a 320 x 240 QVGA color screen, digital music player, stereo speakers and a wide array of features and applications which take advantage of WCDMA mobile broadband services, the Nokia 6234 will be available exclusively for Vodafone customers world-wide. The Nokia 6234 offers an array of Vodafone-specific software features. These include Vodafone graphics, icons, menu texts and themes in the user interface offering a unique look and feel to the easy-to-use Nokia menu. Equally important, the Nokia 6234 provides branded access to Vodafone's services.