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Friday, April 4, 2008

Nokia 3510 Review

The feature of this phone is that it has polyphonic melodies and also it's the first time when a middle-class Nokia phone supports GPRS and MMS. This means that the model will be in production for a long time. And for the first time there are gleaming in the dark panels with changed key form among accessories.

Class: youth, middle
Position in the line: between 3410 and 5210 models.
Rival phones: Siemens C45, Alcatel 310


General features
Made in Finland
Announced in March 2002, in the market since the 2 quarter of 2002
Battery type 950 mAh Li-Ion(BLC-2), also a BLC-1 battery can be provided
Talk time 2,5 - 4,5 hours, standby time up to 270 hours, time for charging - ACP-8/ 2,5 hours or ACP-7/ 4 hours 45 minutes
Graphic display. Font size can be changed dynamically. Up to 4 text lines
Animated screen savers and also digital and analogous clock
Xpress-on™ changeable panels
Weight: 105 g
Dimensions: 118 x 42-50 x 18-21 mm

Phone book memory for 500 names, it's possible to set 3 numbers and one text field for a name. Memory is shared dynamically, that means if you have less than 500 names you can save up to 5 numbers and 4 text fields for a name. Users' groups.
Memory for 150 SMS and 50 graphic messages (also dynamical, the amount of SMSs can be changed depending on the amount of graphic messages)
Calendar memory for 100 - 500 notes, depends on their length
Call register of last 10 missed, 10 received and 10 outgoing calls

Call management, ringing tones
Vibrating alert
Polyphonic meolodies (4 tones)
35 ringing tones and melodies, 15 from them are polyphonic. There is a mixed signal mode - first vibrating then a melody. Allows to load up to 15 extra polyphonic melodies (middle-sized) or more of monophonic ones
Allows to use any ringing tone or melody as an SMS alert
Voice dialing for 14 numbers
Speed dialing for 8 numbers
Auto redial (up to 10 attempts)
Automatic and manual network selection

Predictive text input ?9
Concatenated messages, up to 459 symbols
Smiles and emotion icons
Receives and sends graphic messages, there are 7 already set pitures (that can be changed) and a place for one more
Mobile Chat
MMS(receives only)

WAP 1.2.1, WAP Push
GPRS (3+1)

Organizer and extras
User's profiles can be set or loaded
Time, date
Calculator and currency converter
Stopwatch, countdown timer
Organizer supports different types of events
Games - Kart Racing, Dance2Music, Space Impact 2, Bumper, Link5. WAP games

Xpress-on™ panels
Besides three standard colors you can choose one of the offered panels. They differ not only in color but in functionality as well. So Xpress-on™ Active Covers have translucent front panel, during a call the phone doesn't only vibrate but winks with all the cover. There is only front panel in a set for Xpress-on™ Active Covers, the back one remains standard. There are three types of panels available (SKH-634, SKH-635 and SKH-646).
Xpress-on™ Gaming Covers: as it follows from the name these panels are for games, the main difference is not only in colors but in key forms, they are accomodated for games (SKR200 and SKR201).
Xpress-on™ Covers, Reactive Painted: only one panel SKR202, it gleams in the dark
Xpress-on™ Art Covers, Reactive Graphics: there is graphics both on the front and back panels, also gleams (SKR209, SKR-256).
Xpress-on™ Covers, standard, there are only 4 of them - SKR-210, SKR-211, SKR-212 and SKR-253.


The Nokia 3510 was the replacement for the hugely-popular Nokia 3210/3310/3330 phones. Featuring an updated front panel design, the 3510 is the same size as the older Nokias, but lighter. Like the 3410, the Nokia 3510 has all of the features that made the 3210/33xx so popular - downloadable ringtones, Xpress-on™ covers and great ease of use. But it introduces some new technology within the familiar exterior. New features include polyphonic (MIDI) ringtones, Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) and GPRS (fast, always-on internet access).The X-press-on covers available for the Nokia 3510 include some specialised functional covers, such as the gaming cover. Snap on the gaming cover, and you can really enjoy the 5 built-in games, which make good use of the phone's polyphonic sound and vibration effects.