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Friday, April 4, 2008

Nokia 3300 Review

This phone combines mp3 player and radio. It was based on Nokia 5510, whihc hadn't become popular due to high price and large dimenisons. Nokia 3300 doesn't have the second shortcoming. Other features are typical to phones of platfrom 40 from Nokia.
Class: aimed to youth market
Position in the phone line: above Nokia 5510
Rival models: none


General features
Made in Finland
Announced in: March 2003, will be available in 2003
Battery type: Li-Ion 720 mAh (BLD-3)
Standby time: up to 130-220 hours
Talk time: up to 180-230 hours
mp3 player mode - up to 11 hours
radio - up to 9 hours
Graphical 4096-color display (128x128 pixels), which can display up to 5 text lines
Available colors: Orange and Blue
Weight: 125 grams
Dimensions: 114 x 63 x 20 mm

MMC-card slot, card for 64 Mb
Dynamical memory: 4.7 Mb
Phonebook: up to 250 entries. Up to 3 phone nubmers and 1 text field can be added to one entry. If you have less than 250 entries, you can save up to 5 phone numbers and 4 text fields for one name.
Caller groups
Up to 150 SMS-messages can be stored in the phone mrmoey (number depends on number of graphical messages)
Calendar: 100-250 records (depends on length)
To-do list: up to 30 records
Up to 50 polyphonic ringtones
Lists of the last calls:
10 dialed numbers
10 received numbers
10 missed numbers with date and time indication
Up to 50 games and applications, the largest size of one application is 64 Kb
Up to 50 MMS-messages, one message can't exceed 30 Kb

Ringing tones, call management
Vibrating alert
Mixed mode (first vibracall, then ringtone)
4-tones polyphonic ringing tones; a possibility to use mp3-player and AAC files as ringtones
Integrated speakerphone
Speed dialing for up to 8 phone numbers
Autodiliang (up to 10 attempts)
Automatic and manual network selection

Predictive text input T9
Templates (up to 10)
SMS Chat
A possibility to send and receive graphical messages (10 pre-default pictures)

WAP 1.2.1
GPRS (3+1, 2+2 - class 6)
Pop port Interface

Organizer and extras
Stereo FM-radio, a possibility to listen to the radio via speakerphone; up to 20 stations in the phone memory
Recording of ???-files from radio and LineIn
Equalizer with 5 different settings
A special key for musical functions
Graphical editor
Data archive creation; er-storing of all information (phonebook, messages and etc.)
Automatic key guard
Color schemes
User's profiles (up to 5), a possibility to link the profile to a time
Time, date
Calculator, currency converter
Stop-watch (up to 20 intermidiate results), countdown timer
Organiser with different types of events
To-do list
1 pre-installed Java-application - Converter
Games - TriplePop and Bounce. They are based on Java. A possibility to download games, WAP-games support.


The Nokia 3300's innovative style and advanced features focus on music, messaging, and wireless communication. Nokia didn't just add music to a new phone. The Nokia 3300 is optimized for music listening, and ensured a personalized, high-performance communications and music experience. The 3-in-1-music device is also optimized for messaging with a QWERTY keyboard and text, multimedia and instant messaging capabilities