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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Nokia 2300 Review

This device for youth is distinguished by a built-in FM-radio, in all the rest features it resembles a low-end model Nokia 1100.


General features
Made in Finland
Model: annouced in August 2003, in the market since 1 quarter of 2004, official introduction 27 August 2003 Dual band eGSM900/1800
Battery type 850 mAh Li-Ion (BL-5C)
Talk time from 2 to 4,5 hours, stanby time up to 400 hours
Graphic display with the resolution of 96 x 65 pixels, light-blue backlightning
Changeable panels
Supports using the radio as an alarm clock signal
Weight: 92 g
Dimensions: 106.3 x 45.8 x 20.4 mm
Capacity 72.2 cubic cm


Phonebook memory for 50 names
Memory for 50 SMS
Keeps dates and time of 10 last calls of different types
Call management, ringing tones
Vibrating alert
35 ringing tones and melody types, up to 7 own melodies. Supports a mixed call alert - vibrating first then a melody.
Speed dialing for up to 8 phone numbers
Automatic redial (10 attempts maximum)
Loud speaker
Displays talk time

Predictive text input T9
Templates, smiles
Text messages counter
SMS-filter function
SMS counter for keeping track of costs
10 graphic templates
A possibility to send a group SMS message, 6 posting lists with 10 users in each
Concatenated SMS (up to 740 symbols)
SMS Chat

Organizer and extras
Calculator, currency converter
Musical editor
Screen savers
Stopwatch, coutdown timer
Alarm clock (once, recurrent)
Games - Space Impact +, Snake II, Opposite


Nokia presented the Nokia 2300 model back in last year, in Moscow; however this model went for sale only now. This phone is targeted for the youth, and is presented in two colors – pink and grey. If the first one is obviously made for females, then the second one is made for men. The design once again became the company’s main target, the keyboard is made of smooth plastic, it pleasant when you touch it, the keys are oval and get crossed between each other. The keyboard looks unusual, but when you are actually use it no problems are encountered. I believe that this is the seldom exception when unusual keyboard design is actually convenient. The backlight is not even, the keys get highlighted differently, depending on the plastic’s color. For some reason this causes dissonance, typing without any source of light around is not as pleasant, as doing the same operation during the day.